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Profile for International College of Hebei University
Established in August 2020, International College of Hebei University is mainly implementing education and training for the students of the program of International Scholarly Exchange Curriculum (Undergraduate)(ISEC for short) with 6 majors to Finance, Journalism, Information Management and Information Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Software Engineering as well as International Economics and Trade. ISEC program is relying on rich resources that serve the communication and cooperation of international education by the country, focusing on all-round service for education internationalization of domestic institutions and a system for general academic recognition courses and supporting services for undergraduates developed by China Scholarship Council cooperated with experts from institutions in and out of United Nations and experts of international education. Currently, Hebei University is the only university have been approved to run the program.

The International College is based on the time-honored and profound cultural foundation and strong strength of Hebei University, and advantages of multidisciplinary education resources in the comprehensive university in particular. The College systematically connects with state-of-the-art concepts and resources of international education and is dedicated to cultivating extra-oriented and versatile talents with national feelings, international version and ability for intercultural communication as well as having the ability to cope with international challenges, facilitate international cooperation and participating in global governance.

The establishment and development of the International College will have a positive impact on Hebei University in expanding channels for international cooperation and exchanges, enhancing the ability of cultivating high-quality international talents, increasing international influence.